Movies of d' Olde Zwarver

On a beautiful day with a nice breeze running the mill.
The speed of the vanes is expressed by the millers in assigns. This is the number of tips of blades that you see coming down through the window in 1 minute. With 15 full revolutions of a wick so you see 60 parties come by. 60 Harpenden is a nice speed to grind. The millstones turning then in d 'Olde Zwarver with 90 revolutions per minute.


In this movie turns the mill for the prince. This expression comes from the time of the 80-year war, where cities were belagerd to starve them. As long as the grain mills had, they could turn, so did the enemy, that the city still had food stocks. Was the grain, however, as the millers left in command of Prince William of Orange, the mills still turn to deter the enemy. In this way also the millers working in the war, so join the resistance, hence the phrase "run for the prince."


Freshly milled flour is sold at the mill.
After grinding, the flour is weighed precisely and mixed in front of the different ready-mixes. These can be bought in the shop at the bottom of the mill.

Open Monument Day September 8, 2012. It was a great cozy and busy day at the mill. Had a lot of visits and so to see everyone had a good time.