Dust floor

Sack hoist drive and crown wheelChain pulley

The dust floor contains the sack hoist. The sack hoist is meant to transport sacks of corn to the stone floor.
This can be done in two ways. It can be done both manually and by using the sails, thus using wind energy.
During manual operation, the chain pulley is used. The chain is twisted around the chain pulley. by pulling the hoisting rope, the chain is wound around the chain pulley.
Using the wind, the sails drive the upright king shaft, which is connected to the crown wheel. A wheel is connected to the end of the sack hoist shaft, which is located above the crown wheel. This wheel can be lowered onto the crown wheel by pulling a rope.
Two types of sack hoist drives are used on mills; one using cogs as gears and one using a slipping wheel. d'Olde Zwarver is using a the latter one.
The floor of the dust floow is quite special in d'Olde Zwarver. Old stocks from fences were sawn to planks that were used for building the floor. The holes to which other parts of the fences were connected are still visible. In this way, old fences were reused for the mill.