Miller Sjaak Poot
Miller Jeanet van Bentum 
Miller Feike Agema

Sjaak Poot
In the early eighties, my wife and I baked our own bread and got the wheat from the windmill d'Olde Zwarver. As I was fascinated by the technology used in the mill, I decided to take the course for volunteer miller. I did this course on the mill "De Valk" in Zalk under supervision of instructor Pier van Gilst between 1982 and 1985. In 1985 I passed the exam. In 2003 I received the certificate of the course corn miller of the "Ambachtelijk Korenmolenaars Gilde". Since 2002 I am a member of the board of the "Gilde van Vrijwillige molenaars" in Overijssel. I am a teacher in chemistry and physics. Especially in the latter school subject, practical examples from the mill (forces, transmission) can make the lectures more interesting. 


Jeanet van Bentum

For a long time, I was thinking about starting the course for becoming miller. You may say, that my interest in mills runs in the blood.
My grandfather owned a corn mill ("De Liefde" in Woudenberg) and my father was corn dealer.
Before being a volunteer at the mill, I worked as a nurse. In 2006 I stopped working and had spare time for this nice hobby. I love old buildings and monuments. A mill is beautifully constructed. Everything fits well and runs like clockwork. It is really astonishing, that it has been invented for centuries and is still running perfectly today.
It might not be fast enough in these days, but for me, the mill is running fast enough. A hobby, which I can highly recommend everyone. 

Feike Agema
Before my retirement, I was employed as a maintainance carpenter and instructor at a construction school. I have always been interested in mills, due to the immemorial technics, which is so logical, reasonable and simple. In earlier days, I was in contact with late Mr. Lieftink about becoming a volunteer at the mill. Now that I have some more spare time, I started with the training and hope to receice my certificate soon.